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Biking Bad tour Albuquerque, New Mexico. Breaking Bad by BikeGet your “Breaking Bad” Fix by Bike

‘Biking Bad’ is designed to provide guests with a first-hand experience of diverse locations, characters, and moments from the popular Emmy award-winning television series, Breaking Bad, which is set and filmed in Albuquerque. The vivid southwestern landscapes of our city (and the show) are revealed in stunning detail from the comfortable seats of our unique bicycles.

Routes Guided ‘Biking Bad’ Tours

Join Routes Bicycle Rentals & Tours for an intimate and interactive experience that takes you onto the streets of Albuquerque in search of your next “fix”, or key scenes and locations from this hit series.

Follow Your Favorite Characters

After being “booked” as evidence, your tour begins with a character montage detailing one of our five distinct tour routes, each with a unique perspective and sequence of locations to be explored. Routes’ professional tour guides facilitate your experience at every turn of the wheel with our signature concierge-level service, allowing you to explore the city behind “Breaking Bad” up-close and in an entirely new way.

Each ‘Biking Bad’ tour route focuses on 11-13 major locations / scenes accessible by bike in and around Albuquerque’s urban core (in addition to some of the show’s more “underground” and little-known locations). You will learn and explore details and trivia about the show and the city. Each characters’ journey reveals new locations and story lines – no two characters have the same tour!

5 Ways to Get Your Fix:

  1. The Pinkman Experience- This tour is all about everyone’s favorite character, Jesse Pinkman. Weave through the streets of Albuquerque as you explore Pinkman’s complex background and visit key scenes from his storyline.
  2. Walt’s Descent – This tour follows the story of the man who became Heisenberg. Walt’s Descent visits locations and settings that illustrate Mr. White’s downward spiral into the seedy underbelly of the “Empire Business”.
  3. It’s Good to Break Bad – Being good is truly in the eye of the beholder when it comes to Breaking Bad. But where does one draw the line? Explore the sometimes overlooked characters, traits, actions, and scenes that showcase kindness and “good” in the show.
  4. The Baddest of the Bad – You can’t have the good without the bad. This tour encompasses a wide range of locations and characters that truly put the “Bad” in Breaking Bad.
  5. Breaking Albuquerque- Director Vince Gilligan has come to see Albuquerque a a main character in Breaking Bad and we completely agree! Join us as we explore the city that IS Breaking Bad and take in the many sights, sounds, and locations that make Albuquerque Bad in the show and beyond. This is our advanced level tour – exploring over 35 miles of Breaking Bad locations all over Albuquerque! Visit the White Residence, A1A Carwash, Gus’ house, and many more! Breaking Albuquerque costs, $65 with rental and $60 with your own bike.

biking-bad-jesse-pinkman-house Details:

All tickets include bike rentals, bottled water, and unique collectible swag. Spaces are limited on each tour and tickets sell out quickly.

TIMES: Twice a month on Saturdays 1:00pm – 4:00pm
COST: $50 per person with Rental, $45 with your own bike

  • Tour pace is leisurely with only a few hill climbs.
  • Biking Bad contains adult-related content (as does “Breaking Bad”) and parents should exercise discretion.
  • Biking Bad is intended to compliment other “Breaking Bad” themed tours currently offered in Albuquerque. You are sure to see something new on each of our tours that you can not see elsewhere.

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*PLEASE NOTE: There are no refunds for our Biking Bad Tour tickets. Due to the high demand for these tickets, there will not be any refunds for anyone who misses the Bike Tour. Thank you for your understanding. See Cancellation and No Show Policy