Team Building Bike Tours and Events available only at Routes Bicycle Rentals & Tours in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Take your company or group on a fun and exciting bike adventure throughout Albuquerque!

When considering team building events, oftentimes panic ensues when choosing from the many options available. Sure, you can go with the old standbys – Survival scenarios, role playing, walking the plank, or free-falling into the linked ‘arm ladder’ of your team members. But those aren’t the right fit for your team; they lack excitement, creativity, and community involvement.

You’re looking for a team building event that is cost effective, easy to do, brings everyone together, and is great fun.

Upgrade Your Team Building Event to the Next Level! 

Look no further than Routes Bicycle Rentals & Tours!  Our Team building packages are cost-effective, easy enough for beginners while still challenging advanced cyclists, promoters of health and wellness, and great fun!

We have designed several packages to bring your employees together, encourage interpersonal communication, encourage leadership, promote confidence, and create lasting memories as a team.

Routes Team building Packages:

    • Team Scavenger Hunt – Explore Albuquerque by bike or foot on this exciting team building scavenger hunt.
    • Homeward Bound– In this exciting walking or cycling tour, we deliver your team to a fun location where they have to use their communication and navigation skills to find their way back to their starting location.
    • X Marks the Spot – Your team begins their adventure at one location, having to follow the clues in and around the city to arrive at their final destination.
    • City Tour – We can design city biking or walking tours with fun stops throughout which include either a picnic lunch or a lunch on-site at your designated location.
    • Bike-Building Workshops – This philanthropic team-building workshop walks your team through the process of building a children’s bike together while also carrying out team challenges.  Once completed, all bicycles are then presented, in person, to local kids-in-need (from the Boys/Girls Club, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, etc.).

Whether it’s by foot, bike, or snowshoes – your team is bound to grow together and have fun in the process.

Team Building Bike Tours and Events available only at Routes Bicycle Rentals & Tours in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Not everyone on your team a cyclist?

No problem! All of our team building packages have been designed for either walking or biking. And with our easy to use, comfortable city-cruiser bikes, and pre-designed routes that keep cyclists away from heavy traffic, just about anyone can enjoy an event with Routes Rentals & Tours.  Furthermore, our Bike-Building Workshops are a great option for teams that prefer a little less exertion.

Looking to add more excitement to your next team building event? Contact our Special Events team today (505) 289-2928.