Routes Rentals & Tours - buy your favorite bike here!

Routes Rentals & Tours - buy your favorite bike here!

Routes represents a variety of unique bicycle companies. We give close attention to our inventory by selecting high quality and affordable brands. We have a distinctive assortment of city bicycles and focus on creating a non-intimidating and pleasant environment in which to try them.

This site is meant to assist you in finding a starting point for picking the bicycle that best suits your needs. Below you will find a list of our brands.

We provide bicycles with all kinds of people in mind:

    • The everyday bicyclist who regularly rides to work and around town.
    • The expressionist who rides a bicycle that illustrates their personal style.
    • The person who doesn’t identify themselves as a bicyclist but wants a simple, sturdy bicycle for occasional errands, trips to the Farmer’s Market, or weekend rides in the park.
    • The newbie who is buying an adult bike for the first time who wants to recapture the joy they felt while riding as a kid.


 Featured Brands


Routes Rentals & Tours sells Pure Fix Cycles in AlbuquerqueRoutes Rentals & Tours - Buy Pure Fix Glow-in-the-Dark Bikes here!

Pure Fix Cycles is a celebration of bicycling for all that it offers: transportation, health, and righteous good times. With our economy cooled and our planet warming, there is no better way to get around than riding, cost and carbon free, on a fixed or single gear bike. In a city where transportation is always a challenge, we can help make your transit something you look forward to.

Quality-built fixed and single gear bikes means a product that is as easy to use as it is affordable. An unbeatable price tag doesn’t have to mean a compromise in aesthetics, though. We feel that simplicity and efficiency are beautiful ideas, and likewise, can easily translate into stylish motifs. Our Pure Fix bicycles come in a variety of attractive color schemes, from classic to avant-garde, and our selection is always rotating.
Come test-ride the highly coveted Glow-in-the-Dark bikes today!

Routes Bicycles now offers the classy Pure City Cycles line

From the makers of Pure Fix Cycles.  After watching raw cyclist numbers grow, we realized we could spread the word further if we expanded product lines to include other kinds of lifestyle frames. With years of development under our belts, we moved forward with our Pure City line, which includes both a Dutchi style frame along with our classic Bourbon. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Pure City is our testament to the thing that makes your city great: you! Whether you’re looking for a bike to commute to school or work, something to cruise over to the coffee shop or corner market, or just something to explore your neighborhood, Pure City is all about getting the perfect bike for you, your city, and your style.

With that in mind, we designed these bikes around classic frames that’ll look great anywhere, added gearing options so you can match your riding style and your town’s topography, and loaded them up with all the things you expect in a city bike: fenders, racks, bells, etc… The only thing missing is you!

Routes Rentals & Tours sells Public Bikes in AlbuquerqueIt’s all about details and style when it comes to PUBLIC Bikes. They pay close attention to details in designing a complete city bike that offers all the features you need for simple, sexy yet highly functional city riding.

Our PUBLIC bikes are durable enough to last a lifetime and withstand the bumps of city riding, but light enough to carry a flight of stairs, complete with fenders and chain guard to protect your clothes, plus a sturdy kickstand, and all multi-gear bikes provide the range you need to ride comfortably up hills with easy twist-shifting. Oh yeah, and they are sexy.

Test ride a PUBLIC today – they ride like butter.


Our Brands

Come check out our growing line of bicycles for sale – you are sure to find the bike that fits your lifestyle at Routes!
Routes Bicycle Rentals in Albuquerque carries High Performance Cannondale Bicycles and AccessoriesRoutes Rentals & Tours sells Diamondback Bikes in AlbuquerqueRoutes Rentals & Tours sells Torker Bikes in AlbuquerqueRoutes Bicycle Rentals in Albuquerque carries Quality Schwinn Bicycles and Accessories


Routes Rentals & Tours sells Public Bikes in AlbuquerqueRoutes Bicycles now offers the classy Pure City Cycles lineRoutes Rentals & Tours sells Pure Fix Cycles in Albuquerque

Routes Rentals & Tours sells Kent International Bikes in Albuquerque

Routes Bicycles in Albuquerque now carries Brooklyn Bicycle Co.