Routes Rentals & Tours - The best bicycle maintenance service and repair at the best value!

Routes Bicycle Tours  & Rentals is committed to providing the highest standard of bicycle care and service to our community at the best possible value. We understand your bike is important, and our master mechanics go the extra mile to ensure preventative maintenance and attention to detail is at the heart of every order.

We believe that a fully functional bicycle is at the core of the enjoyment of cycling, and strive to deliver the best possible repair and maintenance services 100% of the time.

Routes Rentals & Tours - The best bicycle maintenance service and repair at the best value!

Our position as Albuquerque’s premiere bicycle rental boutique gives our Routes Repair department a unique edge. Our mechanics continually maintain a fleet of high-quality commercial bicycles, and perpetual, flawless execution is essential. The parts and accessories we carry are road-tested in New Mexico and are carefully designed to deliver optimum performance and meet the unique challenges of our local environment. From high-end road bikes to hybrids and vintage cruisers, Routes Repair is here to serve you!

All brands and bikes are welcome.

Conveniently located in the Historic Old Town of Albuquerque, Routes is proud to be the first bicycle boutique in Albuquerque to offer a Customer Rewards Club, bike pick-up and delivery, and a standard tune-up package that includes a full-service bike wash. Bring your bike in or schedule an appointment today and experience the Routes difference!

Routes Bicycle Tours & Rentals

Bicycle Maintenance Shop

2113 Charlevoix St NW Albuquerque, NM 87104

Open Daily except Wednesday 9am-5pm

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Bicycle Service Menu

  • Complete Tune-up -$100 – Front/rear derailleur adjust, brake adjust, service/adjust hubs & headset, basic true of both wheels, inspect/clean/lubricate drivetrain, full bicycle wash, adjust bottom bracket bearings as needed, torque all bolts to MFG specifications, tire/wheel inspection and full dethorn, inflate tires to MFG specifications, safety inspection & road test.
  • Standard Tune-up – $75 – Front/rear derailleur adjust, brake adjust, service/adjust hubs & headset, check tire pressure, full bicycle wash, tire de-thorn, inflate tires to MFG specifications, inspect/clean/lubricate drivetrain, safety inspection and road test.
  • Basic/Quick Tune-up – $50 – Quick-adjust of brakes and derailleur, quick lube, inflate tires to MFG specifications, safety inspection & road test.
  • Pro Tune-up – $225 – Includes complete tune-up, plus your bike will be fully disassembled, detailed, lubricated, and installed with brand-new cables and housing. Bottom Brackets, Hubs, and Headset will be repacked and reinstalled as well.
  • Build / Box Bike – $85 – Includes servicing hubs/headset (build), minor true of wheels, shifting/brake adjustments, bike box & packaging (boxing).
  • Suspension Repair – Varies – Suspension Repair is “a la carte” as various models and manufacturers present unique challenges and labor commitments.
Routes voted best bike shop in ABQ
Routes was voted one of Albuquerque’s Top Three Bike Shops in the City and both of our Master Mechanics have won awards for their skills and services!

A La Carte Repairs

We perform a full array of repairs and services. To inquire about specific pricing, come see us in-store or contact us via email or phone. Below is just a sampling of what we offer:

Wheel / Tube Services –

  • Tire/Tube Replacement (does not include new tube) – $7
  • 4 oz. Sealant – $8
  • Minor Wheel Truing – $15
  • Major Wheel Truing – $30
  • Wheel Building – $55/per
  • Hub Adjust – Starts at $10/per

Basic Adjustments / Installs –

  • Derailleur/Brake Adjustment – Starts at $10/per
  • Headset Adjust – Starts at $15
  • Cables Install (not including parts) – Starts at $10/per
  • Bottom Bracket Install – $25
  • Crank Install – Starts at $15
  • Shifter Install – Starts at $15
  • Brake Install – Starts at $15
Rainy Day Discounts on Services!!
Get 50% OFF your bicycle repair if you bring your bike into our ABQ Shop on a (rare) rainy day!