Routes Rentals & Tours sells Yukon Charlie's Snowshoes in Albuquerque

Routes Rentals & Tours sells Yukon Charlie's Snowshoes in AlbuquerqueTop Quality Snowshoes at the Best Price

There is no better way to begin snowshoeing than just going and doing it. From the early wood-frame to the aluminum-frame models, snowshoeing has garnered quite a following throughout the world. Modern day snowshoeing is made up of casual snowshoers who hike trails for pleasure, the snowshoeing enthusiasts who trek through the backcountry, and the competitors who race.

Considering this is the fastest growing winter sport in the world (snowboarding is growing fast too, but not fast enough), interest in the sport has greatly increased here in Albuquerque and is a great alternative for many sports – especially those who like running and cycling.

What’s So Great About Snowshoeing?

Routes Rentals & Tours sells Yukon Charlie's Snowshoes in AlbuquerqueThe sport is easy to learn, virtually inexpensive (compared to other winter sports), poses little risk of injury and is a great way to exert energy during the cold winter months. One of the more appealing facts about snowshoeing is how it can help enrich a person’s health. Known to help maintain or improve cardiovascular fitness, the sport helps burn more than 600 calories per hour. Snowshoers can burn more than 45 percent more calories than walking or running at the same speed, according to Snowsports Industries America (SIA).

Routes Rentals & Tours sells Yukon Charlie's Snowshoes in AlbuquerqueDesigned to accommodate  snowshoer’s plus gear, Yukon Charlie’s snowshoe materials are lightweight and durable. The frame is Aircraft-quality-aluminum and the decking is high-density polyethylene. The strap binding is glove-friendly soft polypropylene and adjusts to fit most footwear in all adult shoe sizes (we carry child sizes, too). Front and rear crampons are rugged forged aluminum for stability. The average snowshoes weigh 4.7 pounds and all Yukon Charlie gear carries a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

Routes carries Adult Backcountry, Trail, and children’s snowshoes and many snowshoeing accessories such as Trekking Poles, Gaiters, Packs, Winter Clothing, Hand Warmers, and Sunglasses. Stop in today!