Routes Bicycle Rentals Tour of Old Town Albuquerque, New Mexico by bike.

Routes Bicycle Rentals & Tours offers fun, easy and safe bike tours throughout Albuquerque. Learn about the history, see the sites, take lots of photos, and make new friends. Both daytime and nighttime bicycle rides for the whole family.

Distance from Routes via bicycle: Immediate / 0 Minutes / We are located IN Historic Old Town 

Routes is located on the North tip of Albuquerque’s historic urban core, a neighborhood interwoven with six museums and more than 100 local shops, galleries, and restaurants in a traditional New Mexican / Spanish environment.

Take in local and international art (not to mention vintage photographs of Albuquerque and Route 66) at the Albuquerque Museum, and enjoy a range of creative, interactive science environments for the whole family across the street at Explora. Other District highlights include prehistoric bones, a planetarium / Dynamax theater, diverse natural history exhibits, and ample opportunity for a sunny picnic in the park.

Experience the classical elegance of Old Town (the original center of Albuquerque, established circa 1706), which happens to be the perfect match to a Routes bicycle. Enjoy the intimate experience of gliding beneath the spires of the historic San Felipe de Neri Church; the sound of mariachi music drifting from a live performance in the City’s original civic plaza; the scent of traditional and contemporary southwestern cuisine; the flickering of thousands of luminarias (paper-bag lanterns) on Christmas Eve; the painted skulls and colorful outfits of dancers on Dia de los Muertos (November 1st); and the seamless blending of traditional culture and design with modern styles.

Continue 5 minutes west on Mountain Road for direct access to the Rio Grande River Trail, which links you to the City’s Biological park, Aquarium, Tingley Beach (fishing/activity area), the National Hispanic Cultural Center, the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta Park, and many other opportunities and locales.

Visit the Native American market in Old Town Albuquerque during a Routes Bicycle Rentals Tour.

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