COVID-19 may have changed our modern world forever, but one thing remains constant, and luckily, on the top of everyone’s minds: BICYCLES.

Through these difficult times, we are seeing that bikes have reemerged as part of our collective healing process. There is no other human invention that brings us such an amazing mix of joy/memories, physical health, transportation, and unique personal experience all while naturally socially-distancing.

Here in the outdoor-lover’s mecca of New Mexico, this is especially true. Our state is an ideal place to be (or to escape) on two wheels in this new world of ours, and we are happy to tell you why.

#NewMexicoTrue – by Bike!

New Mexicans enjoy 300+ days of sunshine, more varied landscapes/environments than any other state in the USA, and 9-million acres of national forests (with 13 -million acres of BLM lands). That comes down to a staggering number of places to explore and outdoor fun to be had! With only 2 million residents, we have an amazing amount of beautiful OPEN SPACES to enjoy!

Do you want to tour one of the oldest cities in North America? Experience the famous landscapes of the Rocky Mountains? View 600+ hot air balloons floating above on your way to breakfast? Complete a 6,000’ road bike climb for a stunning 11,000 square mile view? You can do all this – and more – on a bicycle in NM!

Health Benefits of Cycling

Although COVID-19 has forced many of us to stay at home for months, exercising outside is a healthy and government-recommended activity – and it’s also the perfect way to re-center, clear your mind, and uplift your spirits.

Bicycles are the BEST and SAFEST way to get outside and to stretch your legs during the pandemic (and in our opinion, always)! Cycling inherently promotes and allows social distancing – you simply can’t be too close to other riders, unless you’re in a “race” situation or on a two-person tandem. As stay-at-home orders begin to lift across the US, the opportunities for safe, socially-distanced bicycle tour (and other) experiences will continue to increase.

Check out’s top tips for cycling during Coronavirus.

From transportation to recreation, bicycles are the perfect modern (yet old; circa 1818) essential part of our world. Cycling promotes cardiovascular fitness, burns calories (400-1000 per hour), cuts heart disease and cancer risk, is a low-impact activity, and ultimately allows you to see the world around you in a new way. Bikes were promoted as the best way to fend off the Spanish Flu in 1918, and the same remains true today.

This ad from 1918 speaks to the health benefits of riding a bicycle during the Spanish influenza. This 102-year-old message is still fitting today with COVID-19.

Here are 15 More Reasons why Cycling is beneficial to your health from

Now you know WHY you should be out riding a bike – stay tuned to find out WHERE you should be riding. The Routes team has picked 4 of our favorite rides in Central and Northern New Mexico to feature as our “Social-Distancing Trail Guide”.