I purchased my bike from Routes almost 2 years ago, and have had all my repairs and service done here.  In a word: Awesome.  Consistently good, easy to work with, flexible, friendly, capable…  As long as I live in Albuquerque, Routes will be my go-to for all things cycling.

Before purchasing, we rented bikes for a day just to try it out.  And it was a totally joyful experience.
I haven’t had the opportunity to take a tour with them, though I imagine that it’s as excellent as everything else they do.  I have rented bikes in several other cities, and have never experienced the great vibe that I get just walking through the door at Routes.
If you’re visiting Albuquerque — go to Routes.  The location is perfect for cycling the easy Bosque trail, for visiting the zoo and bio park, for touring brew pubs, Downtown, Old Town, or Nob Hill attractions…  I can’t recommend them highly enough.

  • Andrew G., Albuquerque, NM
  • 02/23/15